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We are a sports academy offering a variety of sports programs for children, youths and the sporting community. Our experienced and qualified coaches design and run a range of programs in Brunei, and soon, the rest of Asia.


Sports have numerous benefits that go beyond physical fitness. Participating in sports develops initiative, thinking abilities and social skills. We are here to nurture the love of physical activity early in children, in an environment that is led by positive values.

We stand for ideals such as having
Serious Fun, Respect, Teamwork, Commitment, Leadership and Learning from every situation. We also believe in togetherness. When people come together to play, they create a community and form bonds that can last a lifetime.


Develop Healthy and Empowered People Through Sports!


1) To be known as a number 1 sporting platform that nurtures young athletes in Brunei and South East Asia.

2) To create a model for collaboration, harnessing Omni Sports STARs Programs.

3) To nurture young coaches and develop good values for them to coach, inspire and impact lives.

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